Artist Statement

As with most creative souls, I didn’t choose art, it chose me. It has been my heart for as long as I can remember and given me more joy and satisfaction than I can say. I have always especially responded to colour. Whether smearing finger paints on plastic canvas as a tot or marvelling at nature’s palette through my macro lens, colour has always excited my eyes, quieted my mind and rejuvenated my spirit.

Chagall said, “You transcribe what you possess.” His words both resonate with me and describe me to a tee. My artwork allows me to express the beauty I experience in our natural environment and share my skills in a variety of artistic disciplines with my high school students. A lifetime of hiking, camping and experiencing nature in all her forms has given me a profound appreciation for her incredible palette and ever pleasing lines, forms, patterns, textures and shapes. This collection of visual experience shows up as floral carvings on my functional hand thrown porcelain, as landscapes and floral still lives in my photographs and paintings and now as abstract nature scenes in my newest form of expression, fused glass.

In the making of my glass ‘earthscapes’ I am constantly reminded of the beauty and fragility of our planet and realize my daily choices impact her well being.

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